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Since 1993, Patrick J. Kirby has focused his law practice representing clients in employment and business disputes. Patrick has represented and advised companies and individuals in wrongful termination, discrimination, and commercial litigation cases.

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 The lawyer's number one job is to protect the client. 

Wrongful Termination

Wrongful Termination

Wrongful Termination occurs when an employee is fired in violation of a contract or employee handbook. The term also applies when an employee is terminated in violation of public policy (i.e. refusing to commit an illegal act, performing a public duty or obligation, exercising a legal right, reporting employer misconduct).

Mr. Kirby has won jury trials and settlements for clients wrongfully terminated.



Discrimination involves treating someone unfavorably because of his/her protected status (i.e. race, national origin, gender, pregnancy, disability, age, religion, sexual orientation/gender identity, or veteran status). Discrimination occurs when an employee is terminated based upon his/her protected status.

Harassment is a form of discrimination which occurs when conduct or remarks at work create a hostile work environment because of someone's protected status.

Mr. Kirby has won jury trials and settlements for victims of discrimination and harassment at work.

Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation is often referred to as as a business lawsuit. It involves various types of disputes in the course of doing business.

Mr. Kirby has successfully litigated and settled disputes involving breach of contract, covenants not to compete, misappropriation of trade secrets, insurance bad faith, wrongful denial of disability benefits, wrongful withholding of wages, and legal malpractice.

 As a veteran I know what it means to have others depend upon me. 

About Us

Patrick J. Kirby, J.D.

Mr. Kirby graduated from Marquette University with a B.S. degree in business economics. He served in the U.S. Navy as a Surface Warfare Officer aboard a destroyer and ashore from 1984-1990. He also served in the U.S. Naval Reserve for 1990-1994. Mr. Kirby graduated cum laude from Gonzaga University School of Law in 1993. He has focused his practice in employment law, discrimination and commercial litigation.

Mr. Kirby is a member of the Washington State Bar Association and the Idaho State Bar, and their respective employment law sections.

Mr. Kirby is an Eagle Scout, a supporter of Gonzaga University athletics as a Bulldog Club member, and has donated over 4 gallons of blood at the Vitalant-Spokane blood bank.

Mr. Kirby has represented clients in Washington, Idaho, and other parts of the country. Mr. Kirby regularly advises employers on employment practices, policies, and in drafting handbooks and contracts. Mr. Kirby's employment litigation gives him the experience necessary to advise employers regarding a variety of workplace issues.

Mr. Kirby has successfully represented individuals in jury trials and mediations involving claims of wrongful termination and discrimination resulting in recovering damages for lost wages and emotional distress.

Other cases which Mr. Kirby litigated include: insurance coverage; trade secret; non-competition; business interference; commercial defamation; CFAA claims (computer fraud); ERISA (employment benefits) claims; and commercial defamation.

Mr. Kirby is licensed to practice in all state and federal courts in Washington and Idaho, which includes the following courts:

Patrick J. Kirby Law

 Professional legal representation requires dedication and integrity. 


I hired Mr. Kirby to represent me in an employment discrimination case. I was fired by my employer after requesting reasonable accommodations to help me work with a chronic illness which affects my right hand and foot and causes neuropathic pain. I will address three strengths which benefited me in working with Pat. 1) He educated me about the law in terms and language I, as a non-attorney, can understand; 2) He was thorough in his review of documents pertinent to my case, and 3) he was tactful in speaking with me about the things that were said and written about me, as well as toward the defendants in his depositions of them. I learned much about tact and diplomacy from watching Pat.


From the first meeting with Attorney Pat Kirby, my wife and I felt we'd made a connection with a professional that we'd like to have in our corner. He made us feel that he had an understanding of what I had gone through and, although empathetic, questioned & somewhat challenged my situation & position in a manner that made me feel he was taking me & my case seriously. After agreeing to take my case, he was off and running on my behalf, and kept in touch with us every step of the way. If I had a question or needed to contact him for any reason, I was always able to talk to him personally either the same day or certainly within 24 hours of my call. He and his legal assistant, Danielle, were great to work with and were both professional as well as compassionate. My wife and I were very pleased with the outcome of the case, resolved in less than a year, and would highly recommend Attorney Patrick Kirby.


Patrick represented me when i was wronfuly fired from my job. He was one of the hardest working attorneys i have had the pleasure of working with. He is very good at keeping the conversation to the point at hand when doing his initial interview. Therefore concentrating on the most important aspect of any civil lawsuit, how and why my civil rights were violated. Patrick zeroed in very quickly and effectively how to best represent my physical handicap, and worked hard to get me a strong, fair settlement from my previous employer. I would recommend Patrick to anyone seeking the very best in legal counsel and representation. Above all else he is genuinely a good guy and although my case has been settled for some time, i consider Patrick to be a lifelong friend and am grateful i had the opportunity to meet him and then have him represent me in my lawsuit.


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Since 1993 my law practice has provided competent & effective representation of clients in employment and business disputes in Washington, Idaho, and other states.

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